Selasa, 03 Maret 2009

Sekapur Sirih dari Manly

by William Wrathall

Children in Sumompo We are committed to helping the children of Sumompo receive a quality basic education. This initiative in the North East of Indonesia is one example of an indigenous organisation taking action towards the achievement of Goal 2 of the Millennium Development Goals concerning universal primary education. Description: Bridge of Hope, a local micro-financing organisation in Manado has broadened their philanthropic work offering training and low-interest micro-loans to small businesses to helping small children get off the rubbish dump and get back to school. Since May 2008 Bridge of Hope has built a Community Education Resource Centre in Sumompo equipped with many educational resources and a Program Officer advocating for the children six days a week. This is also a part of an innovative community partnership between Manly and Manado.

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